Interactive Service for Asteroid Models (ISAM)
The ISAM service contains shape models for more than 300 asteroids. It allows to (i) to display an asteroid orientation as seen from Earth at any date; (ii) to generate lightcurves; (iii) to animate the rotation; (iv) to produce 3D views; and (v) to conduct shape and lighting analysis.

Gaia-Groundbased Observational Service for Asteroids (Gaia-GOSA)
The Gaia-GOSA is an interactive tool which supports observers in planning photometric observations of asteroids. The asteroid prediction tool is based on the Gaia orbit and scanning law provided by the European Space Agency and the ephemerides of Solar System bodies provided by the Minor Planet Center. These inputs have been coupled by a software tool developed and run by the Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium (DPAC).

Asteroid IR database
As part of the SBNAF project, we established a Database for thermal IR observations of small bodies (NEAs, MBAs, Trojans, Centaurs, TNOs). The database includes (or will soon include) measurements from ground (mid-IR, submm, mm) and space (IRAS, MSX, AKARI, ISO, Spitzer, WISE, Herschel, Planck).
  • D2.6 Infrared Database / Public release (31 Mar 2019)
  • The "Small Bodies: Near and Far" Infrared Database, Szakáts, R., Müller, T. G., Alí-Lagoa, V., Marton, G., Farkas-Takács, A., Bánayai, E., Kiss, Cs. 2020, accepted for publications in Astronomy and Astrophysics: arXiv.